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What you need to know

For commercial properties our drainage and water searches include whether the property is connected to United Utilities’ water and sewerage services (not how it is charged); hardness of the water; location of our water pipes and sewers; details of United Utilities’ easements, wayleaves, trade effluent consents and cover and invert levels, where available, on A1 sewer plans.

When submitting your commercial search requests, please ensure you provide full address details for single and/or multiple units/flats. For any search requests that do not require connection checks, such as a piece of land, or land and buildings, please clearly confirm this when placing your orders. This will prevent any delays when trying to confirm the connection details you require.  

What’s classed as a ‘commercial’ property?

  • single commercial units, e.g. a shop
  • shop on one floor and a flat above
  • mixed sales of a building or area of land used for non-residential purposes
  • dual use of a dwelling house
  • farms sold with agricultural land and/or buildings
  • a group of holiday homes or an entire new development
  • a plot of land/additional area with a single building or no building  

Some of our products are produced at a fixed scale and are designed to fit on one page. Such as commercial A1, A3 searches and A1, A3 map only products. As such the size of the area required can limit the product options available. For larger areas only A1 products are available and additional area charges may be applicable.

Our pricing structure for the A1 products is based on square km’s. The first square km is included in the product price, additional square km’s will incur additional charges, rounded to the nearest square km. When a polygon is drawn whilst placing the order, if the area is of a significant size, you will be advised that charges may be applicable. If these charges are applied then they will be clearly stated in the order summary. For more information on additional charges please check our price list.

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Free access to sewer and water records

The regulated business United Utilities Water Ltd has to make both water and sewer records available to view for free. You can view the sewer records at your local authority (you’ll need to contact them direct to arrange this). If you wish to view both the water and the sewer records you can do so at United Utilities’ Lingley Mere offices based in Warrington. Property Searches manages the appointment diary on behalf of UU Water Ltd so please contact us on 03707 510101 to book an appointment.