Ordering a search has never been easier

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Here’s an update we want to share – we’ve developed an online ordering system that’s more straightforward, precise and easy to use than ever.

Locate your property or plot

To find the property or plot you want a search carried out for, simply key in the postcode or street name and select the address when it appears. If you don’t have a postcode or street name you can use the manual tools to zoom right in on the area you want. Then choose the type of search you need, for instance, domestic or commercial. The system will pick up if the type if the search isn’t appropriate for the property or plot you’ve selected, so you can go back and choose a different type of search that does suit you.

Choose your boundaries and documents

When it comes to marking the outline of your property or plot, our system enables you to draw exact boundaries. Give your search its own unique reference and if you’ve got other documentation you want to include, say for example, developers’ plans for a new-build, you can attach these along with your search.

Save, track and place your order

Then just place your order (you get a chance to review it in full before you send it to us), or add it to your basket to send at a later time either on its own or along with multiple orders you’ve saved.

It’s just like online shopping, only with property searches!

We’re sure you’ll find the system intuitive enough, but this visual guide to ordering will give you a taster of how the new process looks and works. We hope you like it.