CON29DW in its 15th year

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The CON29DW was developed in 2002 by the Law Society and in its 15th year is still proving vital for homebuyers.

Over the years, the CON29DW has been reviewed and improved to reflect legislative, industry and asset changes. Having started with two queries, it now comprises 25 standard questions on everything from sewerage and water asset information to sewer flooding history and connection information.

As well as providing key information about the water and sewerage assets for a property purchase, the CON29DW does so much more. It mitigates risk for all parties without the need for insurance; specialist teams with years of experience check and review every report; and in the event that a water or drainage issue is highlighted, the CON29DW takes responsibility for the information provided.

Future investments by the CON29DW producers should ensure that this essential enquiry service continues to play a key role in the household market.

If you'd like to see what's coming next for the CON29DW search, please visit their website.