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Domestic, commercial and plan only water and drainage searches

If you’re buying or selling in our region, we provide official domestic CON29DW drainage and water enquiries and extensive commercial conveyancing searches, as well as a plan only option. 

You can select your property or plot using our online boundary tool, order the searches you require, track their progress and receive full property search reports (as PDFs), usually within two working days. We also offer free follow-up technical assistance in case you have additional queries.

Find our full product range and prices at the bottom of the page.

Prices for 2023/24


We recognise that price increases are never welcome but it has not been possible to hold our prices flat for another year. This will be the first increase we’ve made in 4 years since our last increase on 1st April 2019. We will be increasing our prices from the 1stApril 2023. Check out our 2023/24 price list here


Our CPD course for solicitors

We offer free training seminars to all our valued customers to help you gain continuing professional development (CPD). The seminars cover:

  • how our searches have developed over time

  • the scope of the information provided in our searches

  • the standard questions and answers

  • understanding the risks that may arise from the information we provide.

We can visit your premises or a suitable venue to deliver either of our free one-hour CPD presentations (intermediate level) on the domestic CON29DW enquiry or the commercial DW drainage & water enquiry. We can also offer you a combined domestic and commercial presentation, if that would be more relevant for you.

Please complete this booking form and someone from our offices will be in contact soon.






CON29DW for domestic properties

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A1, A3 and A4 water and drainage searches for commercial properties

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Plan Only

Plan Only

Plan only maps available in sizes A1, A3 and A4, depending on your requirements

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Price list

Name £ Price £ Price (inc VAT)
A1 sewer £94.92 £113.91
A1 water £94.92 £113.91
A3 sewer £32.50 £39.00
A3 water £32.50 £39.00
A4 sewer £18.62 £22.34
A4 water £18.62 £22.34
Building over query £4.75 £5.70
Commercial A1 sewer, A3 water £178.18 £213.81
Commercial A4 £94.94 £113.93
Commercial mixed and small £80.01 £96.01
Commercial water plan and connection check £39.99 £47.99
CON29DW £49.13 £58.96
Distance to sewerage works per property address £4.75 £5.70
Domestic water plan and connection check £25.75 £30.90
Internal foul flooding per property address £4.75 £5.70
Poor water pressure per property address £4.75 £5.70